2701 S. Minnesota Ave.
Suite 6
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Some of us use alcohol and other drugs because it appears to relieve stress and allows us to have fun. When we become harmfully involved with its use, we find that it turns against us and robs us of our choice to use it or not. We may substitute other addictions such as gambling to relieve stress.

Our treatment program gives you your choice back. You will want to get well and choose recovery as a way of life. Together we can make a difference.

Our goal is to provide:
  • A safe environment
  • 12 step-based program
  • Counseling with dignity and caring
  • Coordination of other needs

“ I know that no place is perfect, but this is a 9 1/2 - I enjoyed my counselors immensely. They made me look at myself like I never had before & I really want to make this work." Dave W.

“Choices is a great treatment center. I am very glad my friend had directed me towards this program! The group sizes never got too large where I felt it was a very personable experience.” Kayla T.